Our mission at IFF is to provide Bibles to inmates so they have access to the hope that’s only found through Jesus Christ. Your donations make it possible for us to share the gospel with inmates and their families.

The following is a poem written by a real inmate at the Arkansas Department of Corrections. Like so many, Jesse Heath has a beautiful story of redemption. When we allow the gospel to redeem us from our pasts, that’s where we find true freedom.

Real Life

I’ve lived the life of crime since when I was a teen
Caught up in addiction and being a dope feign.
I’ve robbed and cheated and stole and let people down
Took some great opportunities and burnt them to the ground
I let a couple good women slip right through my hands
Being young and dumb I didn’t know what I had
I’ve been knocked down, got up, and knocked down again
But after so much wrong no one lends a hand
So it’s back off to prison for the third and final time
The same place I’ve been for most of my boys’ lives
With nowhere to go and my back against a wall
I reached out to God, the one who knows all.
Down on my knees and my hands held high
I asked Him for forgiveness and to show me the light.
He tells me get up son and what took you so long.
I’ve been here waiting for you all along.
I knew you’d’ be back, for I know your heart.
So here’s a clean slate, a brand new start.
When times get tough just fall back on me
Keep the faith and from now on you’ll see
That I’ll never forsake you, no matter the wrong
Cause you’ve been cleansed by the King
You’ve been mine all along….

~Jesse Heath III, ADC #552355

“He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.”
Psalm 147:3

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