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Communication & Travel

From Phone calls to remote video visitation, there are many opportunities for inmates to stay connected with their loved ones. Unfortunately, many families can’t afford this luxury. IFF wants to help connect families by helping to fund more families with the opportunity to stay connected with their family.

We also understand there are many reasons a family member is unable to travel to visit their incarcerated loved one.  Some family members may be seasoned in age and have lost their ability to drive. Other family members are veterans that have proudly served our country, yet because of a disability, they cannot drive to see their loved ones. Whatever the hardship might be, we want to help as many families as possible by encouraging them and/or providing transportation for face to face visitations. Your donations help make this possible.

“Not being able to see your family is tough. I remember getting letters and pictures from my family when I was in Afghanistan. But no amount of pictures could compare to seeing them in person. Halfway through deployment I went home and spend two weeks with them before returning to finish my tour. That two weeks lifted all of our spirits and helped us continue on. I fought for Americans to have their rights. I believe every prisoner and their family should have to the right and means to see their family just the same.”

~Jon S.

“He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.”
Psalm 147:3

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