Key Steps to Begin Communication With Your Incarcerated Loved One

Welcome to Inmate Family Finder. One of our goals at Inmate Family Finder is to make the transition of having an incarcerated loved one less stressful. Learning the Ins and Outs of the prison system can be overwhelming.

These are the steps that need to be implemented for setting up a personal visitation as well as receiving phone calls and scheduling a video visitation:

  1. The first step is to be approved for visitation by the prison system. This has to be done before you can make a visitation to the facility or receive phone calls and schedule a video chat.
  2. Once your incarcerated loved one gets settled in, they will receive a visitation form to send you in the mail.
  3. Once you receive the visitation form in the mail, a separate form for everyone requesting visitation rights needs to be filled out and sent back to the specific unit’s address. You need to mark both on the form. This means that you are applying for both phone and visitation rights. These forms should all be addressed to the visitation clerk at your loved one’s specific unit.
  4. Approval takes approximately 1 week. Call your specific unit and ask to be transferred to the visitation clerk to check on the status of your visitation approval request.

After you’ve been approved for In person visitation, you’ll have the ability to apply for video visitation and add funds to the prepaid calling account. The video visitation and phone service is provided through Securus Technologies.

  1. The first step is go to
    Proceed to create an account. Finish following all the prompts until you’ve finished creating your account.
  2. Once you have an account created, you can finish the setup for video visitation and phone calls by either logging into your account online or by downloading the Securus Technologies app on your smart phone and logging in through the app.
  3. To add funds to the prepaid calling account, click on add funds under advance connect. You can add up to $50 at a time. Note: For phone calls, only the phone number listed on the visitation form has the ability to receive calls. After funds are added, your approved phone number will have the ability to receive calls from your loved one.
  4. To create access to video visitation, you will be go to the video visitation section. To set it up, you will be asked to submit a government issued ID of yourself to the facility and wait for approval from the facility.
  5. After you have been approved for Video Visitation, the next step is to request access to a specific inmate. You will search for a specific inmate and then once found, click on request access.
  6. After all the above is completed, you can then proceed to schedule a visitation with your loved one. Note: Video visitation can be done by using your smartphone, tablet, or a desktop/laptop via webcam. Ear buds with a microphone are highly recommend for sound quality.

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